Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ABC's Get Creative!

One of the top selling products we do here at Bouncing Off The Walls is Unpainted Alphabet packages. A trend that started a few years back, alphabet walls are still going strong and offer not only a fantastic conversation piece to a room  but an educational one as well. Over the past while, and when we get the time, we add new alphabet packages to try and suit all tastes. I still have a few up in the old noggin' that I will get out there for the public to see some day soon!

However, no matter how creative I think I can get with them, my customers are continually amazing me with what THEY come up with. There is nothing I like more than getting emails full of pictures from excited customers showing off what they have created with their unfinished letters. The most recent one was extremely impressive and well thought out. Take a look!

Allison bought the A to Z Alphabet Package and had me paint the button O for her. The rest she took care of herself. The letters were for her little boy's toy room and she wanted something masculine, but fun. She used paints, scrapbook paper and other items to create an alphabet that is not only eye-catching but interactive! With texture and chalkboard paint one can only assume that this alphabet will be touched. How can you not? So, she hung all the letters with two-sided mounting tape to ensure they would stay put!

The C is fuzzy, made with furry yarn! Love it! Also love the D with the burlap behind it!

I'm also digging  the N done with chalk on chalkboard paint. The S is very touchable and done all in twine (her son's favorite letter!)

The X is also covered entirely with burlap and my personal favorite? The & is done with an old, plaid shirt that her son loved but outgrew. How cool is that? Great job, Allison! Thanks for sharing the photos. It's always great to see all the different directions people can take the same alphabets!

Check out a few other alphabets that customers have done themselves.


  1. there's some talent out there! Kudos to your creative customers.

  2. Great ideas for playrooms and nurseries!